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Compose for Film

Jason Chatwin

I am an independent composer for film, TV, and internet content. With 10 years experience and my own small studio I have worked on a range of projects including shorts, feature-length films, adverts, virals, and radio. I compose, arrange, and produce the music for film projects with flexibility of genre and in both time and money.

Collaboration is key to success and I'm proud to say that I have delivered and surpassed expectations of directors each and every time - my testimonials speak for themsleves.


Have a look at some of the projects I've been involved with by clicking onto each of the 3 showreels below. Each has its own category. I hope you enjoy watching and of course, Listening!

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Light Comedy and Ads

Gentle Drama

Action, Thrills,

and Scared

Looking for music for film, then contact me at

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A local Hero

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Feature Film Trailer (2014)

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